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,,ADVENTS' story began with the desire of a man to make a change in his life, just like all the great experiences in our lives. This was Felix Singer - the person with the most wholesome values that I 've ever encountered, who tried to translate these values in the business environment (often succeeded ...more often did not - because not all people are like him).

In 2007 he founded ADVENTS ( Advertising & Events ), consisting mainly of activity fairs and themed events for companies. Financial capital (loan), energy, time, and especially dreams invested, can not be quantified...only business owners and entrepreneurs can understand this. I entered the story ADVENTS six months after it had begun, with a "capital" of five years marketing experience, a lot of studies in the field, and most of all with the large dose of madness and excitement that makes you persevere and persist in the direction you have chosen.

In ADVENTS I did what I knew best and was passionate about - marketing. We managed to organise the first events, but most importantly - we expanded the services: integrated marketing campaigns, market research, graphic design, branding, advertising and PR. The 10 years that followed involved many experiences and hundreds of hours of creation. We transformed slowly from an event company in a marketing agency.

Felix followed his dream to reside in another country where his values perhaps resonate with more people. I... I evolved from employee to business associate and after a little while, in business owner - taking on more and more responsibilities, but with the same enthusiasm. And ADVENTS ... is growing: more clients, more projects, more experience, more plans and dreams.,,

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